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Comming to Rio on vacation or on business and have a dental treatment done, of course it’s possible. The professionals of dental clinic SORRIO are experienced and prepared to be able to meet patients even when they are from other states or countries, offering a high standard treatment with cutting-edge techniques and equipment, based on our customers available time in our city.


At SORRIO clinic you can have an emergency treated or you can also have simple or aesthetic treatments. Treatments that require a longer time are also available. After studying each case, SORRIO clinic dentists are willing to to inform how long the treatment can last and the best procedure to be done.


The Biosafety is a rule of our clinic. Our team is trained to proceed according to biosafety rules, cleaning the ambience, sterilizing all instruments and using disposable materials.


To speed up your treatment, please send us an e-mail to informing what kind of treatment you are interested in, what date, and how long you will be in Rio de Janeiro. We will contact you with some suggestions and questions to draw up your plan treatment and your schedule. It’s common to require radiographs, photographs of smile and models previously when it comes to more serious cases. Thus, we can plan your treatment before your arrival, saving time in your care.


If you are working in Rio de Janeiro, do not hesitate to come to the dentist only not in the end of your season in Brazil. Many Treatments require time to be well made and designed. Enjoy our team of specialists to perform all of your treatment in the same place. This means savings in time and efficiency. In Brasil is very common adults using braces and invests in aesthetics. Treatment such as liposuction, Botox, placement of silicone prostheses are seen as normal, as any procedure that aims to improve aesthetics.


The SORRIO clinic can provide healthy and aligned teeth as you always dreamed. And do not worry, if your time in Brazil finished and the treatment had to be stopped. The SORRIO clinic has practice to lead the treatment in a way that colleagues in other countries can easily return to do the work started here. The implants, for example, we can use a brand called Nobel Biocare, because it is a high quality and have representatives in most countries. We always have as objective the longevity of the treatments. By this reason, we prefer to complete steps safely.




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